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Welcome to Theroofstore.net, has been in the Research, Developement and Installation of High Strength Windproof, Waterproof, Weatherproof Roof Paints and Advanced Rubber Roof Coating Systems and Products for nearly 30 years and Storm Shield Paint Systems Inc. (Contracting, Product Installtion Division) is A+ BBB Rated since 1994. Our Roof Tile Reglazing, Roof Tile Restoration, Flat Deck Rubber Roof Paint and Premium Roof Coating Systems are specifically designed to restore, preserve and protect your Roof Tiles and Flat roofs against weathering as well as Hurricane Force Winds and Water damage. Our Products are guaranteed to perform under unusual and severe weather conditions. Your Roof tiles are typically made of clay or concrete, are known for their distinctive and attractive appearance. To maintain and protect the beauty and longevity of Spanish roof tiles, it's essential to use suitable sealants and coatings. Sealants for Spanish roof tiles should provide weather resistance, waterproofing, UV protection, and durability. Our Smart Shield Elastomeric roof tile protective coatings are flexible and can expand and contract with temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for roofs exposed to the Florida climate, they are highly durable and provide excellent waterproofing and UV protection. Our Elastomeric Smart Shield Roof coatings can extend the life of the roof tiles and help lower energy costs by reflecting heat. Our Silicone roof coatings are known for their durability and weather resistance, they create a waterproof and breathable membrane that allows trapped moisture to escape while preventing water infiltration. Silicone coatings are resistant to UV rays and can maintain their elasticity over time and are typically only for use on Flat Roofs Our Roof Shield Cementitious coatings are a mixture of cement and other additives that create a protective and durable layer on the roof tiles. they are effective in preventing water penetration as well as Hurrican Force wind lift and can be customized to match the color of the tiles. Our Polyurethane coatings provide a protective and weather-resistant barrier for Spanish roof tiles, they are known for their durability, flexibility, and resistance to UV radiation. Polyurethane coatings are often used in coastal areas due to their saltwater resistance. Some roof tiles come with a glazed finish, which adds an extra layer of protection and enhances their aesthetic appeal. Our Tile Roof Glazes can provide water resistance, color retention, and UV protection. . So Don't Wait until its To Late, Call us Today for your Roof Tile or Flat Deck Rejuvination evaluation."SAVE YOUR ROOF TILES AND YOUR MONEY" Don't Waite, Resurface and Rejuvenate Your Roof Tiles today

Reglaze and recondition your Roof Tiles with our High Strenght Wind Resistant, Premium Weatherproof Roof Paints, Advanced Roof Coating Systems and Products. THE WINDPROOF —Original Roof Shield Seamless system withstood 135 + MPH winds and is The only Tas 106 Dade County Roof Tile Pull Tested Roof Coating System world wide that also has proven documented projects of Real hurricane force winds that did not lift off the roof tiles on Roofs Treated with our Products. The Original Liquid Applied Roof Shield System has documented contracts, images and videos of roofs protected against hurricane force winds and water damage, including Andrew, Wilma, and others.

Our Products start paying for themselves the moment they are installed

South Florida Roof Waterproofing

Our Roofing Supply Store Specializes in The Manufacture and installation of 100 % Acrylic Elastomeric roof Tile Paints, Roof Tile Sealors and Roof Tile waterproof coatings and for commercial and residential flat roofs we carry a full line of competitively priced Slicone and Polyurathane Flat Roof Restoration Products.

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Do you need a licensed Contractor to install our products, dont worry we've got you covered, Storm Shield Paint Systems Inc. (Contracting, Product Installtion Division) is A+ BBB Rated since 1994 and exclusely installs The Original Liquid Apllied Roof Shield Liquid Rubber System on residential or commercial Tile roofs and Flat decks. Simply hire our In house roof Painting, Roof Coating Contractor Services near You. Our Contracting Service is celebrating nearly 30 years in business in 2023. Before you re-roof or undertake a Complete Roof Replacement try or roof repair coating service, our company provides all phases of roof maintenance on all types of roof Tile and Flat Roof structures, including, roof tile reconditioning, roof Tile Reglazing, Roof waterproofing, roof cleaning, roof painting, Roof Tile Repairs, flat cement tile coating, silcone flat roof restoration, roof Tile waterproofing and roll on rubber coating on commercial and residential B.U.R flat roof systems.



Additional Roof Life Certification

The Additional Roof Life Certifications can certify that your 25-year-old Shingle Tile or a 50-year-old Cement Tile roofs useful life can be extended an additional 5 to 10 years, The State of Florida has recognized the need for additional roof Life Certifications in South Florida and has allowed homeowners the option of being able to add several years to the existing roof instead of the only other alternative of Replacement Roofing. Complete Roof inspection in Florida is required to verify the structural integrity and the Roofs overall condition. Many Roofs do qualify for the additional roof life Certification but generally require specific Roof Maintenance applications, including but not limited to roof repairs to satisfy your Insurance Company's Requirments.




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Note: Check the manufacture's product resistance to ponding water before you purchase, this is the area where the rubber meets the road, the litmus test for the integrity of the coating, and its ability to weatherproof anything. Some popular "Named Brands" have got into this nitch aspect and here our findings

Look for this information first,...

PRODUCT NAME: , Any Roof Waterproofing..
LIMITATIONS: Look for "Not for use under heavy ponding water or below grade applications."

(information can be derived from their website)


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Our Acrylic Elastomerics, Polyurathaine Roof Coating, silicone restoration coatings, roof sealants, residential roof repair coatings and roof paints are manufactured locally and were originally designed to be applied to virtually any type of roof or wall structure, literally you will save thousands on unnecessary roof replacements and roof repairs.

"Extend the life of your property, preserve and protect its value, the utilization of a unique proprietary manufacturing process that produces pure liquid Rubber Acrylic without water, fillers, thickeners or extenders that still remains efficient, environmentally safe and is a technological breakthrough in the industry.

Please see our three main systems below:

Fungal Shield Clear

  • "Save Your Tiles" Rejuvenates the look of the Tiles.
  • Sheds water, prevents staining & UV protection
  • Guaranteed mildew resistant, less cleaning required.
  • 5Y Product Warranty

Smart Shield Color Our Most Popular System

  • Our Smart Shield Colors Now 23 % more reflective "Cool Pigment Technology"
  • Non-Seamless looks the same when done, just like new.
  • FP&L says it Saves on cooling costs.
  • Waterproofs the tiles, protects them against wind-driven rain and is mildew proof.
  • 25 year Product warranty
Roof Shield

Roof Shield

  • Premium Roof Tile Retrofit
  • Dade County Tas-106 Uplift pull tested system.
  • 5xs Stronger than a new roof and 1/2 the cost.
  • Maintenance Free, lifetime product warranty
  • Prevents Damage form hurricane-force winds
  • Transferable & renewable warranty
  • Additional roof life certification for up to 10 Years on 50+Y/0 Roofs.

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Purchase our products and waterproof your cement tile with Elastomeric Roof Coating, have your roof by completely rejuvenating, not Sherwin Williams Roof Paint, use our advanced rubber roof coatings, rubber roof paint, Silicone Restorations for Flat Decks are far superior, so instead of a new tile roof installation, save your tiles, time and your money Rubber Roof Shield It Today!

Service Areas that our Roof Contracting Company provides:" See Service Areas Pages".

We are Roof Paint Specialists our Contractors Installers can apply our pure white rubber roof paint coating that starts paying for themselves the moment their installed because of the advanced energy-efficient roof paint technology. Reflective rubber roof coatings on your existing cement tile roof or rool on roof coatings onto your flat roof will really help you save on your energy bills, FP&L said, "it can save on average a 22% per year on your electric bill".

Considering using Home Depot roof paint products, better choose to Rubber Roof Shield products instead and at less than 1/2 the cost.of roof replacements.

Transform your asphalt shingle roof with our asphalt rubber roof coating that has proven it restores, protects and preserves roofs for years.

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