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Residential Flat Roof Coating

Residential Flat Roof Coating

In modern years, Residences go with a coating job. The residential roof coating adds a layer of protection onto your current roof structure to add more years to your roof’s life.

The roof coating is considered maintenance and the coat is rolled evenly over the roof making a waterproof, long-lasting, and seamless layer. These coatings preserve your home from roof leaks, are energy efficient, reduce cooling costs, and expand the service life of your roof. Once you have implemented one full roof coat you will have 10 years or more of guaranteed leak-free assistance from your roof! Here are a few benefits of Roof coating as follow:

Your Roof’s Effective Life is Increased: The single application of flat roof coating can extend your roof’s lifespan by more than 20 years.

Lower Energy Usage: The reflective and emissive properties of many coatings result in decreased roof temperatures and energy use requirements during daytime hours, reducing the load on the HVAC system.

Cooler Roof, Cooler Building: The temperatures can rise dramatically and this can cause a lot of damage to your roof. The white color and UV resistant material act like a mirror, bouncing the sun's harmful rays away. This will cut the amount of money that you spend on cooling, and it will create a much longer-lasting roof.

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