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Spanish Tile Roof Waterproofing

Spanish Tile Roof Waterproofing

Spanish roofing tiles are well known for their beautiful looks and it has been used as the best roofing material for centuries. Its lightweight nature, rich and evolving color spectrum makes it more attractive and if we talk about its cost, then it's very much affordable as compared to other roofing materials.

Spanish tiles are made from clay that contains various types of mineral deposits. The tiny pores in the clay tiles collect the moisture from rain and evening dew, which creates a layer of moisture inside the tiles. This layer of moisture works as a natural cooling or air-conditioning inside the house during humid days or nights. Up to some extent these tiny pores are good. But during above-average humidity or constant rainfall and snowfall, these tiny pores accumulates moisture within its pores, without sufficiently drying out. It can become moldy and will eventually weaken and crumble the tiles over time. So as to increase the lifespan of roofing tiles and to prevent it from getting weakened, tile roof waterproofing is required. Waterproofing of roofing tiles stops water from entering the hairline cracks. If water enters from any, it can easily freeze when the temperature is cold. Once the cracks freeze, the tiles have a greater chance of cracking. And since water expands when it freezes, the roof tiles could also crack and damage your roof badly. Another reason for cracks in the roof can be a warmer climate that can cause the roof to expand and contract. Since our roof coatings and roof sealants are flexible and move with the roof, people prefer tile roof waterproofing, while installing the roof.

There are many other advantages of tile roof waterproofing, some of them we have mentioned below:-

1.Extend the Tiles Life:- After all, no care leads to a shorter lifespan of any product. But when you take care of your tile roof and do proper waterproofing of it, definitely lifespan of a roof will be increased.

2.Prevention from any leakage:- Waterproofing holds up the tiles better against rainy weather by preventing leaks and moisture buildup. This likewise helps your home’s roofing frames to last longer.

3.Added Strength and Durability:- Waterproofing the tiles also adds strength and durability to its surface and the roof. It gives extra strength and additional protection to the tile roof and makes it weather resistant as well.

4.Protection from Sun:- Waterproofing your tile roof does not only prevent it from leakage or any other water damage but also protect it from high Ultra violet rays.

So always do tile roof waterproofing while installing any Spanish tile roof in your house. But keep this in mind, waterproofing your tile roof is not an easy task. Any wrong action on it may damage your tile roof. So always prefer a trained roof waterproofing personal for waterproofing your tile roof. As we know, there are many companies offering such services. but when it comes to quality and professional services, “The Roof Store” has its own brand value among them.

We “The Roof Store” are giving our services for 25 years. Our professional, experienced, and the trained staff knows very well how to help the clients and resolve their issues efficiently. If you are thinking of waterproofing your tile roof, then call us immediately. We will guide you with proper information.

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