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Residential Flat Roof Painting

Residential Flat Roof Painting

What to know about Residential Flat Roof Painting:

During the Summer Months keeping your interiors cool in the intense heat is always a major concern. Residential Flat Roof Painting protects your roof against ultraviolet radiation and applying a white Roof Coating helps to reflect the sun’s rays which can keep the temperature of your roof more uniform, increasing its lifespan.

Flat roofs require maintenance to last, which typically comes in the form of a coating system on your flat roof. Here are two Residential Flat Roof Painting options to adopt:

a) Commercial Flat Roofing Treatments: Standards include built-up, modified bitumen, rubber, single-ply, etc. When used correctly, monolythic roof coatings are formulated to adhere to all flat roof systems.

b) Minimum Heating and Cooling Costs: Our roof coatings reflect UV rays away from your home which helps to lower the interior temperature of your home. This allows for lower utility expenses saving you money on colling costs.

Take a look at the top benefits that this roofing system provides:

1) Value for Money: A roof coating preverses and increases the liquididty of your investment by adding protection from weathering, your roof is set to last 10 to 15 years more

2) Neat and Clean Roof: Roof coatings not only maintain and shield your roof, but they improve it aesthetically as well.

3) Cost-Effectiveness: Coatings are more cost-effective than a replacement because there are not expensive landfill fees attributed to them. They can also last for up to more years, making this sort of roof a worthwhile investment.

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