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Additional Roof Life Certification

Additional Roof Life Certification

Homeowners can get their roofs certified by having additional roof life certifications which are different from home. Roofing inspectors can issue reports on various kinds of problems the roofs can come up with. If the roof does not need maintenance, then the roofing company will measure the remaining years of a roof life and approve its inspection. According to local tradition, the certification is good for two to five years.

Factors influencing Roof Life Certification

The factors that influence roof life certifications include:

  • Roof Types – Wood, Metal, Tar, or Synthetic
  • Age of Roof – A roof life may be between 10 to 50 years depending on the traffic it has to bear.
  • Roof Pitch – Also called the roof’s steepness. The higher the Pitch, the higher will be the charges for working on such a roof.
  • Number of Layers - Many towns have adopted legislation concerning the number of re-roofing layers that can be put on an existing roof until a full tear-off is needed.
  • Previous Roof Repairs – If previous roof repairs are not disclosed the certification may not be considered valid.

Roof Certification Purposes

  • Notify a buyer
  • Disclose remaining roof lifespan
  • Make repairs

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