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Citizens Additional Roof Life Certification

Additional Roof Life Certification

DO YOU HAVE ROOF WINDSTORM REINSURANCE CONCERNS?...... Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, which provides property insurance coverage in Florida may have specific guidelines and requirements for roof coatings, particularly for homes in certain areas prone to windstorm and hurricane damage. While these requirements can change over time and may vary based on your specific policy and location, here are some general considerations related to roof coatings for Citizens Insurance in Florida: Roof Coating Type: (The Forgoing paragraph was posted just prior to Dec 15 2022 the later information updated here is after 2022 and includes 2023 up to the latest Updates to 9-25-2023). Citizens may have specific requirements regarding the type of roof coating that is acceptable for coverage. Typically, they prefer coatings that are designed to enhance the roof's wind resistance and protect against hurricane-related damage. These coatings are often designed to meet Florida Building Code standards. Roof Age and Condition: The condition and age of the roof are important factors. Older roofs may have more stringent coating requirements or face limitations in coverage. Roofs that are in poor condition may not be eligible for coverage. There are insurance options and considerations related to roofs that homeowners should be aware of. These options can help protect against unexpected costs associated with roof damage or replacement. Here are some insurance-related considerations for roofs: Most homeowners insurance policies cover damage to the roof caused by perils like fire, wind, hail, or falling objects. If your roof is damaged due to a covered event, your insurance company may pay for repairs or replacement, subject to your policy's deductible and coverage limits. Review your homeowners insurance policy to understand the coverage it provides for your roof. Some insurance companies consider the age and condition of your roof when underwriting a policy. If your roof is older or in poor condition, you may face higher insurance premiums or a lower payout in case of damage. It's essential to maintain your roof and keep it in good condition to avoid potential issues with insurance coverage. Some insurance companies may require a roof inspection or certification before issuing or renewing a policy. A certified roofing professional assesses the roof's condition and provides a report that can influence the insurance company's decisions regarding coverage and premiums. Some insurance companies offer roof endorsements or riders that provide additional coverage for roofs. These endorsements may cover repair or replacement costs without depreciation, even for an aging roof. Understand your insurance policy's deductible for roof-related claims. You'll be responsible for paying the deductible amount before insurance coverage applies. Adjusting your deductible can affect your premium costs. Regular roof maintenance can help prevent damage and extend the life of your roof. Some insurance companies may offer discounts or incentives for homeowners who maintain their roofs properly. Standard homeowners insurance typically does not cover flooding or water damage caused by rising water, such as flooding from heavy rain or hurricanes. You may need a separate flood insurance policy to protect your home, including the roof, from these types of damage. It's essential to read your homeowners insurance policy carefully, understand its terms and coverage limits, and discuss any concerns or questions with your insurance agent or company. Additionally, consider proactively maintaining your roof and addressing any issues promptly to prevent costly damage and potential insurance claims. If you have specific questions about your insurance coverage or are interested in roof-related endorsements or options, it's best to consult with your insurance provider or agent for personalized guidance. Citizens Insurance may require a roof inspection by a qualified professional to assess the condition and suitability of the roof coating. The inspector will ensure that the coating meets the necessary standards for wind and hurricane resistance. (End of Paragraph 2022 just Prior to Dec 15th The remaining Information below includes the latest Updates: How to increase the life of your roof or increase its roof life expectancy is a very important question when it comes to getting windstorm protection insurance coverage for your roof to protect your property investment in South Floirda. Here is a suggestion, maybe after you read all of the information below you may just decide to have roof Tiles Painted or coated and then get you Roof Life Certification signed off on. If your roof Tile crack they can move and disturb the tile attachment underneath the tile and tear the paper which can cause roof leaks. If a roof is 15 years old or older your roofs condition may need to be assessed by your insurance company, they must allow a homeowner to have a roof inspection performed and use The Citizens Roof Inspection form by an authorized certified roof inspector who will complete the roof inspection report before they may require that your roof may need to be repaired or replaced in order to have a wind storm policy issued or renewed. Generally, the property owner is responsible for the cost of a roof inspection report, (IF YOU HAVE A 25 YEAR OLD SHINGLE ROOF or an OLD CEMENT TILE ROOF AND YOU RECEIVED A NOTICE FROM THE STATE OWNED CITIZENS WINDSTORM INSURANCE CARRIER or OTHER WINDSTORM INSURANCE CARRIER THAT UNLESS YOU REROOF YOU WILL KNOW LONGER HAVE WINDSTORM INSURANCE PROTECTION...) ***NOTE; If your roof is not old enough yet to be ineligible but you have received notification from your insurance company that your policy will be canceled if you don't get your roof inspected, it is important to follow through with the aformentioned instructions since they are providing you coverage and they are allowed to check your roof and make sure it is being maintained etc..and If you need to get your roof repaired get it done, however if your roof is in good condition and the insurance inspector (this may not be a Certified Roof exam inspector and they can not issue, approve or disapprove a useful roof life affidavit that is already signed off on). If your insurance agent is pressuring you, that you have to replace your roof or they will drop you, be sure to get thier position stated in writing (we have seen obviation of the Rules by some of the insurance companys), these rules have been established to gaurantee that the insured homeowners get the correct number of years of useful life remaining according to state Law. Bad faith by insurers in this space is at a minimum a missrepresentation as they should know exactly what the years of remaining roof life are according to the rules, which simply depends on your particular type of roof you have and by the county of your residence,(which can vary). If you feel you are being coerced our attorney suggests that you contact the DBPR Department of Professional Regulation and The Department of Financial Services and Report Them. ***NOTE; Check the Countys Rules and standards in the county where you live. For Example Broward County recently raised the roof life expectancy for Shingle Roofs from 25 years to 30 years, from 25 years to 30 years for Spanish tile roofs and Real Bell Barrel Tile has remained at between 40 to 50 years. The insurance companys have been telling some residents in our area that they must replace thier roofs in some instances 5 years or more below the County or state law guidlines making thier policys in eligible for continued coverage, this is thier first legal error in judgement, it may be that they dont understand the law or its willfull ignorance, remember you have the legal option to provide a Satisfactory Roof Condition Certification Report to accommodate this situation. Lets get some other Basics down about windstorm insurance and understand where this all started, Originally created by Citizens Insurance company and marketed through the My Safe Florida Home Program, it was established to be the Standard criteria that all underwritters should follow. In General, If the property owner can provide proof of use-full life remaining on an application, which is the usefull life roof wind mitigation Affidavit Form. (it is a legal affidavit that has to be signed by the licensed wind mitgation inspector ) it can be submitted unbound with the appropriate roof documentation. (THIS IS THE LAST LEGAL WORD ON THE MATTER). DONE! ***NOTE; You may have been notified by your insurance company to re examine your property as a consequence of inaccurate inspections previously undertaken in behalf of the My Safe Florida home program windstorm uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (OIR-B1-1802).The Roof Wind Mitigation inspections or additional Roof Life examination legally requires that, "only the actual licensed holder" can undertake the inspection, not thier agents or employees, so be sure to ask for the photo ID and make sure its the licensed holder. NOTE: (only the hands on Licensed Holder can undertake that inspection). Inspectors can be GC's with the special endorsement, Certified Engineer's as well as Licensed Roofers. You may have been notified that, (Updated 2022 Dec 15th), " When a roof replacement is required, and a coating or sealant is used in lieu of roof replacement, the risk remains ineligible for coverage" ***Note:This latest Insurance advisory statement as of 12-15 2022 assumes that your roof has to be replaced, ( NOTE: the Insurance Companys are not licensed roofing Contractors, GC's with a special roof Life Exam Certification ( 4 Point) endorsement or Engineers !), Furthermore by applying a roof coating you are presumably thinking you are also replacing your roof which is a missrepresentation, in fact your protecting it and extending its usefull roof Life Expectancy! Our Company has retained written statements by representing insurance agents distributed to our future clients that," you can apply coatings to new roofs just not older ones", WHAT!, If your purpose is to apply a roof paint or roof coating system to change the color of roof tile or to add a layer of protection on your roof tile surfaces, that is not trying to reroof, tearing off or replacing your roof and is not considered a roof replacement. The reasonable man rule of common sense and the basic principals of preventative maintenance has been taken way out of the context of reality. In their own words prior to Dec 15 2022, " Citizens may have specific requirements regarding the type of roof coating that is acceptable for coverage, typically they prefer coatings that are designed to enhance the roof's wind resistance and protect against hurricane-related damage, these coatings are often designed to meet Florida Building Code." Now as of after Dec 15 2022, These same accepted measures for no scientific reasoning, it is some how making your roof less safe and your roof tiles more susceptible to damage and if you apply them and that you may now, in thier owne words, " be ineligable" for insurance if you do !, But in thier own words they said, they want coatings that resist weathering, high winds and so forth, now its to the contrary for roof coatings.To date it is in many instances still in the exiting Building codes, that approved roof coatings increase the roofs life expectancy in most instances by several years. HERE IS A SUGGESTION, Get a Roof Life Certification Inspection Done If its approved and Signed off these Vultures wont be able to scam you, that Affidavit legally ends the charade, they simply can not legally cancel your policy or refuse to renew an exiting one unless your not making your premium payments on time or at all. In some stark contrast lets look at The roof Replacement Industry and replacement of Roofs that need to be replaced and leak guarantees: Roof Replacement Dry in roof supply material manufacturer's and Roof Tile Manufacturers are happy to provide 50 or 100 years limited warrantys, however, a roofing Contractor must (only) provide a minimum of 2 years for leaks on a new roof replacement, this information must clearly be printed on the front or back of the work order and include that unusual wind conditions, (that is 65mph+), may void any previous material warrantys or leaks that in the event of a Storm require expensive and disruptive roof repairs that could take uo to a year to get done. The Terms and conditions can vary from contractor to contractor and/or the Roof System being installed. In any event, be sure to inquire about the fine print on the written warranties presented and how this may affect you in the event of a real storm. Remember: If your roof Tile crack they can move and disturb the tile attachment underneath the tile and tear the paper which can cause roof leaks. To sum it all up: Homeowners can apply to have for thier roofs roof life expectancy checked by a certified roofing Inspector who is "THE LAST LEGAL WORD ON THE MATTER" , and have your roof life increased by having it certified with the Florida additional roof life certification Program. Often times this is the difference aquiring roof mitigation insurance coverage to secures a mortgage or not without having to completely replace your roof. A Roofing inspector will need to issue a report on the overall condition and any problems with the roof it may have, the Certified Roof Wind Mitigation roofing inspector will determine the remaining years of a roof life (if any) and approve and or decline the roofs life cycle. If your Tile roof is 40 or 50 years old (per state guidlines) the roof may fail simply because of its age, but please keep in mind that a 50 year old roof can qaulify for additional roof life if it is still in good condition, (and we have seen many that are in exceptionally good shape for there age). Roofprotect Products, Our Roof Smart Shield and Roof Shield Coating Systems, Roof Paints and other Advanced Rubber Roof Coatings are the only Miami Dade TAS-106 Uplift tested Roof Coating System World Wide. Elastomeric roof coatings are an ideal way to protect your roof from damage. In fact, some can prolong a roof's lifespan by up to twenty years. Silicone, asphalt, polyurethane, and acrylic elastomeric roof coatings are the most common options. These are typically applied by a roller or spray machine, our Products can be installed over the exiting roof materials and successfully re-seal and improve your exiting newer or older roof or Roof Tiles overall integrety and strenghth therefore increasing the roofs lifes cycle for an additional 20 years even if the roof is 40 years old and it can be renewed for another term providing periodic inspections are undertaken and any top roof coating or Paint has been maintained..

Factors influencing Roof Life Certification

The factors that influence roof life certifications include:

  • Roof Types – Wood, Metal, Tar, or Synthetic
  • Age of Roof – A roof life may be between 10 to 50 years depending on the traffic it has to bear.
  • Roof Pitch – Also called the roof’s steepness. The higher the Pitch, the higher will be the charges for working on such a roof.
  • Number of Layers - Many towns have adopted legislation concerning the number of re-roofing layers that can be put on an existing roof until a full tear-off is needed.
  • Previous Roof Repairs – If previous roof repairs are not disclosed the certification may not be considered valid.

Roof Certification Purposes

  • Notify a buyer
  • Disclose remaining roof lifespan
  • Make repairs
  • Facilitate the Sale and Transfer of Property

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