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Helped to acquire homeowners insurance 7-10-07

In 2004 my home insurance firm notified me that my coverage was going to be dropped, the new carrier Tower Hill insurance Group (out of Gainesville Florida) required a roof iinspection to qualify to be underwritten for the new policy. I had an older shingle roof and I was told that it was in their opinion I would most likely need to have the roof replaced completely.

First of all I wasn't budgeted for a re-roof however I had to pass the re-inspection to get my wind storm policy to enforce again. So fortunately I found the solution, the Roof Shield System which is understood in the industry as complete roof tile mitigation (wind resistant) & water resistant protective coating process, so I had it installed.. A second inspection on the roof received a passing grade and I was reinsured through the Tower Hill Insurance group In my eyes I considered to have much more than a new roof, I could see that it far exceeded my previous shingle roof first of all since I could see that it was completely seamless, although I could still see the shape of the shingles, and it looked really good, and then a little while later I started to notice that my electric bill was considerably less than before. Then Hurricane Wilma hit our area in 2005 and all the homes in my neighborhood had large sections of tiles blown away but mine was completely intact. The story goes on soon thereafter my Insurance company Tower Hill Insurance tore their rearview mirror off and ran like hell out of Florida and I had to get re-insured again, I was going to have to get another carrier and re-inspection, so I decided to call Citizens Insurance company and subsequently there roof examination passed with flying colors and was picked up by them a few days later. I continue to enjoy my Roof Shield System to this day I'm truly indebted to Mr. Maurer for his professional crew, his great product and the overall incredible value I received.

Paul J Cipolline

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