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Spanish Tile Roof Restoration

Spanish Tile Roof Restoration

Updating or renovating the home is always a major decision for any homeowner, but it depends on where you want to start. For most homeowners, one update that they usually overlook is a tile roof restoration. Over time, Spanish tile roofing tends to wear down, the tiles become flimsy, and aesthetically the roof begins to look old and worn. While considering all other projects, a tile roof restoration is one that should be at the top of your list for many reasons.

Spanish tile roof restoration is a very cost-effective way of rejuvenating your roof at a quarter of the cost of replacing your tile roof. Tile Roof Restoration offers a 10-year warranty against peeling, chipping, and cracking on our tile roof restorations and sometimes it may last up to thirty years. In many cases, after a roof restoration, your roof will appraise as a fresh roof!

Below are some more tile roof restoration benefits that you must know:-

1:- Extend the Life of the Roof: As it is the main source of protection from dangerous elements, over time Spanish tile roofing can become damaged, be subject to the growth of molds, and suffer through numerous extreme weather events that can weaken its structure. If your Spanish tile roofing is a little bit damaged or looks old and worn, rather than risking a massive repair, book a tile roof restoration. It will increase the life of your tile roof for ten to thirty years.

2:- Restoring a Roof Prevents Pesky Leaks: Home can damage in many forms, but one of the most troublesome is a water leakage that allows moisture into the home through the roof. A tile roof restoration can easily remedy leakage problems by ensuring that all of the tiles are in place and that the roof is sealed as it should be. This also eliminates the value of repairing damage thanks to water.

3:- Added Value to the Home: Potential buyers always get satisfied when they feel that there is no need to shell out the costs of repairing the roof soon after their purchase. Finally, after tile roof restoration having a roof in perfect condition will add to the home’s ‘curb appeal’ and you may find that your sale goes more smoothly.

4:- Improve Home Energy Efficiency: A roof evaluation can tell you whether or not your tile roof is contributing to your heating or energy expenditures. If so, a quality tile roof restoration is all that is necessary to bring down your monthly home heating costs.

The Roof Store is a locally owned and operated company with over 25 years of reputable Spanish tile roofing services that include tile roof restorations as our specialty as well as being a full-service roofing company for all of your roofing needs, our roof restorations include power washing the tiles, cleaning out gutters and valleys, replacing broken tiles. We take all the required actions to keep your roof in fine condition. Our experienced staff is always there for your queries, you can contact us anytime.

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