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Roof protect is a 95.5 % Reflective Advanced Roof Paint Coating that can saves on cooling by 22% per year

(Revised Sept 11, 2010)

The Energy Star approved roof products program was enacted by The US Environmental Protection Agency & the US Department of Energy, their mission was to encourage the public to help conserve energy consumption and we applaud their efforts. The benefits are for example having your roof painted white are obvious, it saves on cooling costs by lowering demand for the electric to run your ac, saves on ac repairs since your ac systems are not under as much stress, using products like Roof Reflective Elastomeric is also important because you want it to perform as long as possible.

1.* Energy Star Rated Reflective Roof Products*

NOTE: Rebate checks are distributed to the contracting firm for up to 50 cents per sq ft.

Rebate incentive amounts that go to the contractor are to be deducted from the labor expense cost to install an approved "Energy Star" reflective product and it is calculated on the measured air conditioned space of the property.

*The IRS has tax incentives of up to 1500.00 for a reflective roof systems, (See the Energy Tax Credit on the home page) for certain types of reflective roof systems.*

*Roof coating products submitted to be Energy Star Approved*

Fp&l representatives do not undertake the field verification process for testing roof coating products, (roof coatings must be applied for no less than a 3 year period on 3 seperate jobsites) then slit sample removals of the weathered products on jobsites listed are to be collected.

In the field testing procedures and product designs used are the responsibility of the contracting and manufacturing firms to verify the weathered samples submitted were installed previously on specific roof surfaces and the product recipe is consistent with the label designated.

The final testing is then completed by (U.L) Underwriters Laboratory to determine that the standard minimum durability and reflective characteristics are still at sufficient levels to be approved.

"Roof protect products provides the required strength to shield out south Florida's unpredictable weather and has the benefits of being weatherproof, and multi layered ".

2. Dade County Approved roof coatings or Mastics approved to be used in High Velocity Wind Zones of the south Florida Building Code, the TAS-121, means that a coating can be applied over an existing surface structure that already have the minimum required building code within its engineered design.

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