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Fp & L Participating Contractors Energy Star Compliant Roof

Updated March 24th 2010

The Fp&L Participating Contractor partner Program "Enrollment" is not in effect at his time.

The rebate of up to 50 cents per sq ft distribution funds the participating contractors not the property owners, for quality control issues the enrollment has been temporarily de activated, "FORTUNATELY" the rebate is still available.

The rebate for a reflective roof system is based on the interior under air measured space and does not include the over hangs, eaves or garage, only air conditioned space.

Inspections of participating contractor's installation work by Fp& L is not not mandatory but state that some jobsites are inspected at random.

Commercial project discounts can be very attractive were a volume of work is evident, these types of bids include statistics and studies on the value of reflective roof systems.

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Make sure your roof is measured correctly, documented in your contract and ALL warranties on performance are in writing.

Remember the formula: Contractors applying approved reflective roof coatings or reflective paints on your roof to receive the Fp&L rebate must follow the manufactures guidelines on the amount of product coverage standard is to be applied, (Minimum of 1gallons per 100 sq. ft).

Roof protect is applied at 50 sq. ft. per gallon per coat and does not have to be painted. It is a finished product gloss resin all the way through. Water cannot pass through once our formula is cured.

For the complete installation we apply our proprietary "Roof Shield System" monolithic permanent tile wind mitigation process to completely lock all the tiles together then prime and waterproof with our Acrylic Resin Roof protect coatings to create a seamless, watertight, windproof, Trademarked, Patent Pending Proven Hurricane Proof Roof Tile System.

We do not suggest using caulk between the joints, or white Portland alone to fill the spaces between the tiles.

Manufacturers systems presented must have proven testing in real Hurricane weathering conditions in the field documented with name address and phone number of 7 years or more.

Make sure it has an accompanying roof tile attachment strength Uplift test proving its real wind resistance?

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