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Read a Lable like a Pro, know what you purchasing!?

Hurricane proof, waterproof & weatherproof..



PRODUCT NAME: Waterproofing
Roof Waterproofing (LIMITATIONS): "Not for use under heavy ponding water or below grade applications," how can they call it waterproofing?

PRODUCT NAME: Roof Mastics
Elongation: 125 or 750 % (why do I need to know that?).

Do they match? Warranty : Any Exclusions? LOL, everything that matters is generally what you need in their forward looking statements say.

See How the Original "Real" Hurricane System is done!"

Roof Shield System Roofing Code Surpasses State Code See How It Is Done

Through the utilization of proprietary manufacturing technology, this unique process produces a true liquid Rubber Acrylic without water, fillers, thickeners, or extenders. The Original Liquid Applied Rubber coating has been used successfully on many different substrates and subjected to severe conditions ranging from the tropical to the freezing north. Our trademarked World-Class Rubber can restore protect and preserve any clean, dry, and stable surface: Concrete, Barrel, Flat, or S - Tile, Metal, Gravel, and Foam. From Roofs, Walls, Decks, and much more.

Note: Manufactured Roof Coatings

Note: Check the manufacture's product resistance to ponding water before you purchase, this is the area where the rubber meets the road, the litmus test of the integrity of the coating, and its ability to really weatherproof anything. Some popular "Named Brands" have got into this notch aspect recently and here our findings.

Roofing products, Reflective Coatings ... Its ease of application, superior adhesion, elasticity, and durability make ... Easy clean-up with water prior to curing. 6. ... Apply sealer in a 1/16" to 1/8" width then immediately embed Karnak 5540 Reset-Mat polyester fabric into the wet coating. ... Not intended for use in pounding areas. ... Do not apply when rain is imminent.

Roof Coating Service in Miami Dade, Florida, this is "The Original liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System," the genuine trademarked rubberized 100% acrylic roof coatings, roof tile sealers that are weatherproof, mildew resistant, and energy-efficient.

Wind Resistance Rating Tech Data (Florida Code TAS-106) tested products.

"The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System"

Don't Re-Roof Weatheroof @ 1/2 The Cost,

Restore, Protects & Preserves..

Our product trademarked in three classes,

Class 19: The Product.

Class 37: Service of applying.

Class 40: Material treatment.

Roofprotect Performance Data Sheet 0 blistering after cure, 750 % elongation, 1350 psi. Permeability( 5 )

MSDS, Fire-rated no flash point, safe to handle and storage. see the tech sheets upper left-hand corner products page

Dade County Uplift Test Tas-106, see our testing video

For Architects and Engineers, (Please download our pdf tech sheet (upper left-hand corner of the site)

*Check out or new addition Amazing Smart Shield Dark Colors Cool Roof Coating, the darker the color the more it reflects, see the testing performance Data Sheets

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