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What are some of the others doing??

Below are several products that sell their products as systems, Hurricane proof, waterproof & weatherproof..

NXT is an acrylic Paint or Coating for the tiles of a roof, it is not capable of weatherproofing the roof since it is not monolithic

they list some criteria on the 12-year product warranty the applicator has to document

The Nutech roof coating system used listing all products and quantities used, The Job address, clients name and the date the work commenced and finished, A copy or details of Nutech or Supplier Invoices for all materials used, The Applicator must record ambient temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity, estimated wind speed and dew point at regular intervals each day, The Applicator must record the batch numbers of each product used and the location, date and time where each coating was applied, the size of spray tips used to apply each coat and the wet film thickness applied (Nutech wet film thickness gauges available). Product Data Sheets, Material Safety Data Sheets, and Application Guidelines are available for all products and updated regularly.

This warranty is conditional on the correct product selection, surface preparation, application, and product coverage complying with Nutech Product Data and Application Guidelines. No responsibility can be accepted for variations in the color, appearance, or workability due to on-site mixing procedures, product additions, and/or adverse curing conditions outside the control of Nutech Paint Pty Ltd. Nutech cannot be held responsible where Nutech and any other manufacturer's products are used on the same job. Therefore only jobs where Nutech roof coatings have been exclusively used will be covered by this warranty. The use of roof primers, sealers, or other coatings not manufactured by Nutech will void this warranty completely. This warranty is conditional on the storage of all Nutech products in an approved manner prior to usage and that the products are used within the recommended shelf life. This warranty is subject to correct surface preparation, product selection, and quantity, application, and weather conditions.

NXT roof paint performance data sheet (None Found Yet)

Gaco Western Silicone Roof Coating

Gaco Westurn, LLC warrants GacoFlex Coating to be free of defects in materials for 50 years and to meet published physical properties at the time of manufacture. ( So maybe the Company who installs this needs to warranty the product for leaks )

The statement below directly from their:

"WITHSTANDS PERMANENT PONDING WATER. This coating does not degrade under permanent ponding water.""

The performance data has no statement on ponding water on any warranty or label, but it states that it can be used as a water catchment but then it says it's not to be used for edible substrates or long-term portable water sources., but is it nontoxic?

The column where it states 8670 hours Immersion 150 f is (_____________) BLANK

The testing shows that it softens after prolonged submersion.

The tensile strength is 450 to 574 PS1

Elongation 125 to 169%

This product does not have the TAS 106 Pull test.


PRODUCT NAME: Waterproofing
roof waterproofing LIMITATIONS: Not for use under heavy ponding water or below grade applications.

PRODUCT NAME: Roof Mastics
LIMITATIONS: Not for use under heavy ponding water, below-grade applications.

flat roof waterproofing LIMITATIONS: Not for use under > ½” ponding water, below-grade applications.


The foregoing information was derived from: (http://www.imetal.net/nps-pdfs/NPS-NXTCoolZone-Warranty.pdf )

Nu-tech NXT Cool Zone is a product application warranted to prevent liquid water ingress to the substrate it’s applied to. Nu-tech cannot be held responsible where Nu-tech and any other manufacturer’s products are used on the same job. Therefore only jobs where Nu-tech roof coatings have been exclusively used will be covered by this warranty. The use of roof primers, sealers, or other coatings not manufactured by Nu-tech will void this warranty completely.

We have not been able to find a guarantee/warranty documents from the manufacture for roof leaks, if the roof is monolithic-ally sealed then it’s possible if you are adding their products on top of another brand like our hard coating, (which is designed to make the roof seamless), we have not been able to find any data on a product you can use that Nu-tech manufacturer is used to fill all the spaces between the tiles that would not preclude (see above) the manufacturer’s warranty for their paint Products.

We have not been able to find their performance data sheet (that is not their MSDS) for submersion in water.

*Look for these characteristics on their performance sheets if you can get them which is: elongation, saturation ratio, and PSI strength rating which is indicative of its permeability, "also prevent liquid water ingress to the substrate it's applied to", ok ah that's the surface of the tiles, what about the roof under the tiles where the water runs between the tile onto the paper?

"Please go back to outer space where you came from!"

See How the Original "Real" Hurricane System is done!"

Roof Shield System Roofing Code Surpasses State Code See How It Is Done

Through the utilization of proprietary manufacturing technology, this unique process produces a true liquid Rubber Acrylic without water, fillers, thickeners, or extenders. The Original Liquid Applied Rubber coating has been used successfully on many different substrates and subjected to severe conditions ranging from the tropical to the freezing north. Our trademarked World-Class Rubber can restore protect and preserve any clean, dry, and stable surface: Concrete, Barrel, Flat, or S - Tile, Metal, Gravel, and Foam. From Roofs, Walls, Decks, and much more.

Note: Manufactured Roof Coatings

Note: Check the manufacture's product resistance to ponding water before you purchase, this is the area where the rubber meets the road, the litmus test of the integrity of the coating, and its ability to really weatherproof anything. Some popular "Named Brands" have got into this notch aspect recently and here our findings.

Some Roof Mastic

The foregoing information was derived from: (http://www.somay.com/pdf/RM-COLORS-PDS.pdf )
waterproofing purposes, this coating is NOT intended for use on improperly prepared, infirm, or structurally unsound surfaces; below normal grade or ground level; on the inside of tanks or pools; on a flat roof where it will be subject to standing water for an extended period of time;

Sherwin Williams Uniflex

The foregoing information was derived from:


AProducts and should be used only as a general
BB All surfaces to be coated must not pond water

Building Owner shall have and has determined the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and assumes all risks and liabilities thereof. This warranty does not apply to the exterior and interior gutters and surfaces where continued and/or frequent ponding water occurs. Replacement of product as provided herein shall be Uniflex's sole obligation and your sole remedy in respect of this warranty.


The foregoing Information derived from:
I laid a sealoflex system on some balcony's and also laid the wear coat (granules) by their preferred method of chicken feeding the granules onto the clear glue. After about 2 weeks the wear coat started coming up in patches. After contacting the Sealoflex tech he came down and re-applied the granules over the patch's to find weeks later they came up again. He took samples for lab test's but I've heard nothing. This was almost 2 years ago now and it's just got to court by the homeowner who refuses to pay for the product. The back up from Sealoflex has been crap and so is the wear coat product. Has anyone else had these problems with the wear coat?


Sealoflex warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects and they will meet Sealoflex's current published physical properties when applied in accordance with Sealoflex's directions. There are no other warranties by Sealoflex of any nature whatsoever, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in connection with this product. Sealoflex Inc. shall not be liable for damages of any sort, including remote or consequential damages, resulting from any claimed breach of any warranty whether expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or from any other cause whatsoever. Gaco Western 50 year guarantee.

The foregoing information was derived from:


Gaco Western has no control over the variables involved during the application of GacoFlex Coatings, therefore Gaco Western cannot guarantee results of the application including, but not limited to: appearance, watertight capabilities, and suitability of the substrate. WARRANTY SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDES ALL LABOR OR COSTS OF LABOR, AND ALL INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND. This warranty is void if the GacoFlex Coating is painted, patched, or covered over in any way with any product other than GacoFlex Coatings. This warranty is limited to the GacoFlex Coating.


The foregoing information was derived from: (www.karnakcorp.com/505SS.aspx)

Roofing products, Reflective Coatings ... Its ease of application, superior adhesion, elasticity, and durability make ... Easy clean-up with water prior to curing. 6. ... Apply sealer in a 1/16" to 1/8" width then immediately embed Karnak 5540 Reset-Mat polyester fabric into the wet coating. ... Not intended for use in pounding areas. ... Do not apply when rain is imminent.

Roof Coating Service in Miami Dade, Florida, this is "The Original liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System," the genuine trademarked rubberized 100% acrylic roof coatings, roof tile sealers that are weatherproof, mildew resistant, and energy-efficient.

Wind Resistance Rating Tech Data (Florida Code TAS-106) tested products.

"The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System"

Don't Re-Roof Weatheroof @ 1/2 The Cost,

Restore, Protects & Preserves..

Our product trademarked in three classes,

Class 19: The Product.

Class 37: Service of applying.

Class 40: Material treatment.

Roofprotect Performance Data Sheet 0 blistering after cure, 750 % elongation, 1350 psi. Permeability( 5 )

MSDS, Fire-rated no flash point, safe to handle and storage. see the tech sheets upper left-hand corner products page

Dade County Uplift Test Tas-106, see our testing video

For Architects and Engineers, (Please download our pdf tech sheet (upper left-hand corner of the site)

Smart Shield Cool Roof Coating has testing performance Data Sheetshttps://www.theroofstore.net/images/imagetopdf%20Smart%20Shield.pdf

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