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Through the utilization of proprietary manufacturing technology, this unique product that you can purchase at our Roof Supply Store is a true liquid Roof Rubber Waterproofing in Davie Florida that is 100 % Rubber Acrylic without water, fillers, thickeners, or extenders. The Original Liquid Applied Rubber coating has been used successfully on many different substrates and subjected to severe conditions ranging from the tropical to the freezing north. Our trademarked World-Class Rubber can restore protect and preserve any clean, dry, and stable surface: Concrete, Barrel, Flat, or S - Tile, Metal, Gravel, and Foam. From Roofs, Walls, Decks, and much more...

Service options: Shopping Online ยท Local Free Delivery, "The Original liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System," roof repair rubberized coatings 100% acrylics, 100% Polyurathaines, 100 % Silicone roof surface sealers that are weatherproof, mildew resistant and energy efficient premium paint coatings. The Only Dade County Chattalong Pull Test Resistance Rated Roof Coating World Wide updated 2023 still stands 16 years later, see our Tech Data (Florida Code TAS-106) hurricane-proof tested products.

  • Manufacture 3 Main Liquid Rubber Roof Products, Fungal Shield Clear, Smart Shield Reflective Waterproofing, Roof Shield Seamless Membrane System that stops Roof Leaks permanently
  • Our Roof waterproofing Supply Store in Davie Florida sells the Roof products that Restore, protect and preserve your Tiles and Flat Decks from costly roof repairs, reroofs and roof replacements and for older roofs or new can provide additional Roof Life Certifications after it is succesfully installed. We have in stock silicone restoration roof coatings, Smart Shield solar reflective Dark Roof color acrylics, Cool Roof Coatings, Polyuranthaine Commercial Roof Coatings, Industrial Roof Coating Specialists, TMI Coatings, we cater to Roof Coating Specialists
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    Our proprietary superior quality Roof Waterproofing products that are specifically designed for virtually all of types of roof systems, cement Tile, Spanish Tile, Flat Roofs protective Roof coating requirements.

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