″The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System″ TM

Roofing Paint Products

Fungal Shield Clear

  • "Save Your Tiles" Rejuvenates the look of the Tiles.
  • Sheds water, prevents staining & UV protection
  • Guaranteed mildew resistant, less cleaning required.
  • 5Y Product Warranty

Smart Shield Color "Our Most Popular System ever "

  • Our Smart Shield Colors Now 23 % more reflective "Cool Pigment Technology"
  • Non Seamless, looks the same when done, just like new.
  • FP&L says it Saves on cooling costs.
  • Waterproofs the tiles, protects them against wind driven rain and is mildew proof.
  • Adds surfaces durability and strength.
  • Prevents Tile Damage due to chipping, cracking and premature color fading.
The Roof Store

Roof Shield

  • Premium Roof Tile Retrofit
  • Dade County Tas-106 Uplift pull tested system.
  • 5xs Stronger than a new roof and 1/2 the cost.
  • Maintenance Free, lifetime product warranty
  • Prevents Damage form hurricane force winds
  • Transferable & renewable warranty
  • Additional roof life certification for up to 10 Years on 50+Y/0 Roofs.

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Roofprotect Products

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