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The Market has been established for the painting of cement and clay Tile Roofs in our areas really dark colors, the competitions products we have looked at attrack heat and destroy the paint but more importantly damage the tiles under them, Smart Shield was created because the Market said it wanted darker colors lilke charcoal black and dark brown applied to roof tiles. How can you make black reflect heat against the suns rays, thats what we wanted to know so we sent our products out for re-development and testing and they came back with increased tensile strenght, durability and reflectiveness. Smart Shield was born and is now the new benchmark in the industry and has yet be matched. BASF located in the owners hometown, the Michigan Corporate Division agreed to undertake this task and in turn helped develope the most innovative dark color coating on the planet. BASF added its chemistry for a sustainable future, combined its economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility and provided all of this for our Company. BASF has 122,000 employees, the BASF Group worked on contributing to the success of our Roofprotect Products. BASF is in nearly every country in the world. BASF SE is a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world.The BASF Group comprises subsidiaries and joint ventures in more than 80 countries and operates six integrated production sites and 390 other production sites in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Africa

The History on providing a cooler Paint Color Product began with the advent of Ceramics additives in Paint Form in the Late 1990's, then nano Paint in 2000, now nano plus+ in 2021 " thats our proprietary reflective pigments added", thats 40 years of innovation, thats Smart Shield! and its begining was derived in a Paint but was created in a Roof Coating Elastomer, its 9 dry mills thick per coat at the surface substrate cure and is real rubber Acrylic waterproofing. In 2018 The base resins in our prodcuts were sent to the Chemical Testing Labratorys at BASF, they went through a rigerous complete cycle of test specimen preparation, conditioning, testing, evaluation and reporting. The test specimens we prepared on production cells featuring automatic mold interchange and integrated finishing. Standard tests, such as tensile tests, flexural tests, flexural impact tests, penetration tests, DSC, TGA and viscosity number, were conducted on automatic testing equipment. These measures guaranteed the highest level of reproducibility and operating consistency. Furthermore, tensile tests, flexural impact tests and penetration tests were carried out over broad temperature ranges relevant to the application, the results we retained are now recognised as one of the most inovative prodcuts of its kind to date World Wide!.

The Darker The Color the more Smart Shield relfects the Suns harmful Rays. Our Company has shared onsite images of our Smart Shield completed projects utilizing our Rubber Roofprotect Manufactured Roof Coating Product Line, essentially brown or black coated tiles when the sun light hits the surface at a certain angle turns the roof tiles a solid brass or if Black a solid silver , Dont worry it only lasts for a few seconds but its this practical aspect that really got our attention and everyone else envolved in its design. The images are availbale on our site along with addresses of our completed projects, they are available on our affilate site here https://www.roofprotectproducts.com/about

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Roof Painting Service Broward County for Smart Shield Roof Painting Service Broward County for Smart Shield Roof Painting Service Broward County for Smart Shield Roof Painting Service Broward County for Smart Shield Roof Painting Service Broward County for Smart Shield Download pdf

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