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Cement Tile Roof Repair and Maintenance

Cement Tile Roof Repair and Maintenance

Cement roof tiles are very durable and can withstand a lot of wind and weathering for a time without necessarily getting damaged. The cement roof tiles are made with a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is molded and dried in a kiln or tunnel. After a few years about 10 or so the tiles generally start to get loose or crack, the loose cement roof tiles eventually start lifting adjacent tiles and they in turn start sliding into the other tiles, then the water finds a point of access in the paper that has torn that was originally mortered or foamed pattied under the tiles that hold them in place on the 30lb felt paper that gets torn and the 90 lb granulated or hot mop layer that gets damaged and then water penertrates onto the wood batten supports causing stains and eventually trapps the water in the multiple material layers causing the wood sheathing to simply rot away.

Roof Repair: Sometimes there will be no signs that your Cement Tile roof needs repair which is why regular maintenance is so important. Whereas on other occasions there may be leaks into the building or perhaps that have not become visible yet from small hairline cracks in the tile. Identifying the signs will allow you to know what kind of repair needs to be done and if a roof coating is a good soulution.. As tile roof replacing can be quite challenging and expensive and a huge guessing game, it can be easy to take the first traditional route and not think about the number of tile you are repairing and how often your repairing the same ones and that they have to be the same type of concrete style type and the same color of concrete This adds up to further damge attibuted to delays in taking better measures, which adds to costs and frustration that can leed to just giving up and not being able to recognize our proven roof coating tile repair solutions.

Roof Maintenance: All roof types require maintenance and concrete tile roofs are no exception. Depending on climate conditions and weathering factors, any overhanging trees should be cut and the roof should be washed with water and our roof cleaning low pressure chemical solution which is available at theroofstore! The major problems are moss growth that hold moisture which over time breakdown the tiles and the repetaed required cleanings can further damage and dislodged the tiles, maintenance free roof tile coating solutions are the answer.

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