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Cement Tile Roof Repair and Maintenance

Cement Tile Roof Repair and Maintenance

Cement roof tiles are very durable and can withstand a lot of wind and hail, without necessarily getting damaged. The cement roof tiles are made with a mixture of cement, sand, and water that is molded and dried in a kiln or tunnel. Repair loose or cracked cement roof tiles by lifting adjacent tiles and sliding new tiles under the wooden batten that holds the tiles to the roof.

Roof Repair: Sometimes there will be no signs that your roof needs repair which is why regular maintenance is important. Whereas on other occasions there may be leaks into the building or perhaps even visible cracks in the tile. Identifying the signs will allow you to know what kind of repair needs to be done. As tile roof replacing can be quite challenging, it can be easy to take the very fast route and not think about the tile you are repairing. It has to be the same type of concrete and the same color of concrete.

Roof Maintenance: Mostly all roof types require maintenance and concrete tile roofs are no exception. Depending on climate conditions and weathering factors, any overhanging trees should be cut and the roof should be washed with water and bleach solution which is available at hardware stores! The major problems are moss growth and damaged or dislodged tiles that are easy solutions to them.

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