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The questions the customer should ask if they are looking to purchase the best high quality roof paints, coatings and sealers.

Home Depot Roof Paints and Coatings including Lanco Harris, Siliconizers, Somay Roof Mastic or Sherwin Williams Karnak and Nu-tech are suggested by these manufacturers not to be used in pounding water, "just read their warranty," it's called saturation. These are good products for painting walls or some types of roofs but they are not engineered to be used on flat roofs.

Elastomeric is a process of manufacturing made by combining enamel and thickeners it is not a finished product but a category of a range of products that are similar but characteristically dissimillar, Elastomeric are 'caulk" then you have to paint it, mastic is caulk, paint is paint and premium 100% Rubber is 100% Rubber which they are not. To test the waterproof characteristics simply place their products in the freezer, they will easily break because they are not designed to push all the water through even at their driest cure state, that's why ponding water is the real litmus test and why these manufactures include the specific statements of exclusions on their labels.

Elastomeric Paint, "Mastics alone were not designed for waterproofing roofs orbelow grade projects, limited rather to verticals (walls) that's because they hold a percentage of h2o in its film thickness regaining some water then return back to its dry state. Water barrier Elastomeric Paints or Mastics require a third paint coat to protect it from damage from weathering, "protect the protectrant" doesn't make much sense and.additional coats are required every 3 to five years which could be very costly. Make sure to do the math and if your roof is considered a low slope tile roof or shingle roof we would not recommend their use because the restrictions on the performance data precludes prolonged submersion or negative drainage.

If any coating product manufacturer claims their products are hurricane Proof! or High Velocity Wind Zone Rated, what does that really mean, read on please...1st of all what is your tile roof attachment to begin with , "the uplift pull on tile test"

THE "TAS-106" Dade County Approved "tile pull test" is required to be performed on all new tile roof replacement in Florida after the tiles are set. This is to test the real wind uplift resistance it actually has at the tiles, the first line of defense. New tile roof replacement requires a minimum of 35 lbs of lift in the fields and 55 pounds at the ridge caps, which is equal to about 120 TO 130 mph, if anything hits the roof the wind load does not have to be as much to dislodge the tiles. If a coating states it is Miami Dade High Velocity Wind Zone Rated, Definition: The structure of the building's roof or wall has been tested to the minimum wind resistant's standard levels at 130 MPH and is deemed "approved" within its own strength design criteria before applying mastics, caulks, or elastomeric systems to exiting exteriors of tile roofs or walls.

"If you Google (hurricane coatings) these companies will say on their video they are applying a hurricane coating, and you can see the gaps between the tiles, obviously painting alone adds no uplift resistance whatsoever."

Roof protect Advanced Rubber roof paint coating can be submerged under water for prolonged periods without subsequent damage due to saturation of the coating. great for flat roofs.

FACT: Miami Dade High Velocity Wind Zone Rated: means structures in Florida exposed to hurricanes

TAS-121 Approved Roof Mastic is approved only within the existing structures strength..

REINSURANCE CONCERNS: "Miami Dade High Velocity Wind Zones


*** Windstorm Insurance Policy Protection on exiting roofs

*** New requirement by State owned Citizens Insurance Company

***Homes with a shingle roof of 25 years old or cement tile roofs of 50 years must have the roof replaced to be eligible for coverage unless you can provide a Satisfactory Roof Condition Certification to accommodate this situation, remember we can help you with our Uplift test. Originally created by Citizens Insurance company and marketed through the safe Florida home program several years ago. If the applicant can provide proof of use-full life remaining the application can be submitted unbound with the appropriate roof documentation for consideration

***If your roof is not old enough to be ineligible but you have received notification that your policy will be canceled if you don't get are inspection it is important to follow through with the instructions. If you need to get your roof repaired get it done, however if your roof is in good condition and the insurance inspector or agent is pressuring you give us a call we can help.

***You may have been notified by your insurance company to re examine your property as a consequence of inaccurate inspections previously undertaken in behalf of the My Safe Florida home program windstorm uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form (OIR-B1-1802). Now there inspections require that only GC's or Engineer's can undertake the wind mitigation inspections.

..Florida Rules: Regarding the roofing industry for leak guarantees

A roofing Contractor must provide a minimum of 2 years for leaks on a new roof replacement, unusual wind condition of 65 miles per hour or above may void any previous roof repair or new roof installation warranties. This can vary depending upon the contractor and/or the system being installed. In any event, be sure to inquire about the fine print on the written warranties presented and how this may affect you in the event of a storm.

** FP&L Participating Contracting firms Reflective Rebates, Energy Star product rated discounts

There are presently no rebate incentives to repair or replace cement tile roofs or barrel clay tile roofs, the insurance industry said they are costing the industry to much money to replace or to continually repair, with the exception of under air act rebates by applying white Energy Star reflective paints or coatings, see our link Energy Star Rebates on the home page.

FACTS: Partnered Rebates, Incentive Programs, Roof Leak Prevention, Water Barriers

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Fp&l Reflective roof contractor partner program rebate enrollment is not in effect at this time, primarily because the rebate checks distributed fund the participating contracting firms not the property owners, presenting quality control issues, which have been cause for some concern. The rebate of up to 50 cents per sq ft is calculated and based on the interior air conditioned space not including the eaves, overhang or garage. Fp&L cannot warranty the workmanship or products. The contracting firm is to supply all gauranties and warranties. The 1500.00 tax incentive rebate is still applicable under reflective roof systems. See the link on the home page," Energy Tax Credit." 2). SIMPLY use only quality reflective roof measures whenever and wherever possible to save on cooling your costs.

The application of white paints, elastomeric or mastics by themselves may not add wind lift strength to any substantial levels, the ONLY TEST THAT DEMONSTRATES that is the Miami-Dade County, State of Florida approved TAS-106 Uplift," Tile Pull Test", after the job is completed to CERTIFY that the tile are permanently locked down and can resist real hurricane force winds and projectiles

. By applying a paint or Elastomeric to your tiles does not necessarily make your roof seamless or monolithic at all points, cannot stop leaks unless they are dug out and dried back in with conventional methods depending on where they are located, especially (tie ins), where two roofs join together which is a structrual issue.

Energy Star reflective roof products should require additional detailed documentation of installation work actually undertaken by the roof painting contractors and better disclosure of the product manufacturers records to verify that roofs were installed with their specific named products on them,( for no less than a 3 year period, prior to a certified slit sample removal of the weathered product and supposed jobsites in question).

In spite of the challenges presented with the reflective roof rebate program, "Energy Star Approved Roof Coatings" participating contractors receive up to a 50 cents per sq ft incentive to apply white roof systems on your roof,

*Be certain to request and retain a copy of every performance guarantee, warranty and rebate amount*.

FACT:*Roof protect white is 95% reflective and can save you annually 22% per year on your cooling costs..

"The roof system that pays for itself"

Roof protect roof acrylic coating that has a zero blistering test results after cure in prolonged submersion in water and o saturation documented on long term projects in the field.

How to calculate the rate at which any Elastomeric system should be applied depends on the manufacturers specifications, NAMELY the thickness of the dried finish millage of the paint coating, (should be subject to a slit sampling to make sure).Data sheets help to calculate the required coverage ratio for thickness of the coatings after cure.

Fact ******** Roof protect products has the side by side documented still photo's, video footage, contracts of specific property's dated before the advent of the most recent hurricanes, of all the houses on the street missing roof tiles except the roof surfaces that had Pure Premium Rubber Roof Coating Products previously applied to them. B. ******** Roof protect products were installed prior to the advent of real hurricane force winds.The Roof Store site provides several commercial & residential shingle, cement tile, barrel tile, metal & flat built roofs previously treated with the products it supplies with the name address and phone number.

FACT:Elastomeric paint manufacturers products specifically used on roofs can give their position on pounding water and what they will guarantee in writing. Our weatherproof products were derived from swimming pools and below grade projects and can provide uo to a 10 year Product Warranty. Manufactured waterproof paint products are 100% Acrylic resin, no clay or fillers are added. Weatherproof paint coating products have an additional hard coating or reinforcement aspect.

FACT:Elastomeric Paint or Mastics are generally known as water barriers requiring more maintenance such as recoating every 3 to 5 years, (additional paint layers added to protect the protection). It is important to acquire all performance claims in plain English from the manufacturer, what it is windproof, what is waterproof,what is hurricane proof, and what exactly is a weatherproof product and get it in writing.

Do you know what a real system warrantee looks like it should say transferable and renewable. Always get a copy of the warrantee and data sheet of the products being used It is a good idea to request a copy of the product liability from their warranty or bond company to back up forward looking statements like windproof weatherproof or hurricane proof roof coating.

"Getting a free estimate"

Get you project measured correctly, If it is not it could be a costly mistake for all concerned.

Roof protect paint coating products once applied do not have to be re- painted. It is a finished paint coating product gloss resin all the way through. Water cannot pass through once our formula is cured

"The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Coating Products"

Tested in real life weathering conditions. In the field documented on 10 year old plus projects and survived not one but several named storms.

ABC Conclusion: Take steps to improve your exiting roof and remember that federal law prohibits any state agency from precluding white reflective roof paint coatings to be applied on roofs. Retain a copy of the product liability from the product manufacturers warranty or bond company to back up the statements of waterproof, wind proof, leak proof or hurricane proof to insure the performance stated. "Dade County Approved" is not necessarily your guarantee, the specific type of tested system, products and written warranties are.

We have included above general roof paint coating information that should be helpful in making an informed decision about the types of roof paint coatings

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