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Home Star Program Retrofit

This FP&L Study Brochure was originally distributed in 1994; Click on the image to go to the Article picked up again by the Sun- Sentinel after the Obama/Shu team decided to re declare painting roofs white in Ft Lauderdale can save you money.

In 2006, state lawmakers took action and appropriated $250 million to create the My Safe Florida Home program. The program was created to help Floridians identify and make improvements to strengthen their homes against hurricanes through free wind inspections and grant funds.

The Florida Legislature directed the My Safe Florida Home program to target its resources to homeowners living in single-family, site-built homes in Florida by providing up to 400,000 free wind inspections and at least 35,000 grants to eligible homeowners. During the past three years, the program has provided inspections to more than 400,000 homeowners and has retrofitted nearly 33,000 homes.

Home Star Program Retrofit

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