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Welcome to, home of The Original World Class Liquid Applied Rubber Coating.Our company is a cooperative of manufacture and supplier of advanced roof weatherproof coating products, sealers, premium roof waterproof paint systems and home of The Original Rubber Roof Shield System Coatings.

"Extend the life of your roof and save your tiles", the utilization of a unique proprietary paint manufacturing process that produces pure all white liquid Rubber Acrylic with out water, fillers, thickeners or extenders that still remains efficient, environmentally safe and is a technological break through in the industry

Need our superior ro coating professionally installed, don't worry our in store contracting division is a licensed ROOF COATING contracting firm "CELEBRATING IT'S 21 st YEAR IN BUSINESS," so if you need a professional product installation that can provide the best warranty for your commercial or residential property we can help, out of the area call now for our list of licensed professional applicators nationwide.

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